Friday, 15 November 2013

Keep your valuables safe during the festive season.

The FESTIVE season will be approaching us and many people have already started their Christmas shopping, buying gift’s for their family and friends.

We would urge people to keep valuables out of sight of thieves, whether it is in your car parked outside a shopping centre or at home.

We would urge motorists to remove all valuables when they leave their cars unattended and to take them with them. You don’t want a potential thief to glance in a window and see televisions, gaming devices, laptops, portable sound and sat-nav systems that can quickly be taken.

Social media:
As tempting as it may be to tell others that you are stocked up on Christmas presents or posting pictures of your expensive gifts, We would urge people to keep such information of social media. Thieves have been known to troll social media for potential easy targets.

Remember to double check that your windows, doors and vehicle's are locked, and to keep your valuables tucked away and hidden from view.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dumped rubbish removed in ally ways.

Candidate Tommy Doherty for Lower Falls Ward, West Belfast in next years 2014 local elections, Belfast City Council.


'I have been in contact with and sent pictures to the Belfast city council, regarding rubbish being dumped within the ally ways between Locan Street, Amcomri street and clowney street.

The council have said 'that the enforcement team have been out and investigated the matter, the dumped rubbish has been removed.'

The problem of rubbish dumping occurred when the new bin system came into action, if any one within the area is facing any issues with rubbish or bin collections, get in touch and I will get in contact with Belfast city council.'

Here is picture's of the rubbish that was dumped in the alley ways that has since been removed in the Beechmount area:

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Say NO to drugs, 'Legal highs' and solvent's.

Social problems, such as drug abuse destroy families and communities including physical and mental health and leave's many young people emotionally damaged, unprepared to learn and robbed of their full potential.

Our young people can easily fall victim to drugs and other substance, these menaces have done untold damage to communities across the 32 counties, The Beechmount community has been affected in the past and present with drugs and solvent abuse.

Rational and logical debates must be had in all our communities on tackling the drug and substance abuse epidemic which is destroying our homes and neighbourhoods.

We must educate our youth, educate each other not to indulge in drugs, there is no future in drugs, drugs destroy.

Say No to drugs, 'Legal highs' and solvent's.

and SAY NO! to the Drug Dealers within our communities!!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

PR stunt uses children for a political agenda.

Children today in the Beechmount community where what can only be described as used in a PR stunt, that seen the British secretary of state for the occupied six counties Theresa Villiers visit St Pauls primary school.

Theresa Villiers represents and serves the interests of capitalism, the British state and the strengthening of the union, not the interest of the working class as her party (the conservative/tory party) in the past and present have attacked the working class, poor and most vulnerable. 

With crippling cuts to welfare, including the Bedroom Tax, Disabled Living Allowance and Incapacity Benefit and public sector that has and will continue to affect working class Communities such as the Beechmount community that she visited today.

The British secretary of state for the occupied six counties also implements the continued abuse of republican prisoners and internment of political hostages such as Marian Price two years interned from west Belfast who is still very ill and denied release and Martin Corey interned three years now from Lurgan, Co. Armagh.

Talking to a parent of a pupil of St. Paul’s primary school said that 'The Children Where told a special guest was to come today' questions must be asked were parents aware who was visiting the school? Or did Parents receive a letter saying who was visiting the school?

This PR stunt is a further act of the normalization of our local areas and we feel local children have been used, many would not of known who and what Theresa Villiers represents, schools should always be kept a neutral learning environment where a child can develop his or her potential and not be used for political agendas, we must keep schools free from all political influence.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

For the record.

The B.R.C has been made aware that ‘Beechmount Sinn Fein’ on Friday (17th of may), their facebook page posted a story and picture from our page regarding the gates that have been forcefully pulled from the wall at the bottom of Beechmount street.

The Beechmount Residents Collective would like to make clear that this issue was highlighted on Thursday (16th of May) by our members (Not a political party) who also reported the damaged gates to the city council our members were on the scene (Wednesday 15th of May) the night the vandalism took place, a resident of the area reported the damage to a member of the Beechmount Residents Collective.

This is not the first time Beechmount Sinn fein have taken a story from our page, The beechmount Residents Collective (B.R.C) has no links to Sinn fein, we are a independent group highlighting issues within our community.

Here is a the facebook link to the story 'Damaged gates'

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Update on the derelict houses in Beechmount Street:

Today (Thursday the 16th of May) the Belfast City council: Health & Environment service department where out at the derelict houses at the bottom of Beechmount Street to deliver a notice to the private landlords, the notice gives the landlords NINE DAYS to get the properties in better condition than what they are currently in or the council will take action.

The Beechmount Residents Collective today tried to contact one of the landlords but as of yet there has been no answer, Also we would like to stress that we want families housed in the future and would prefer if these houses were returned to social housing.

Damaged Alley Gates

Last night (Wednesday 15th of May) a Member of the Beechmount Residents collective was made aware of ally gates that were forcefully pulled from the wall at the bottom of Beechmount Street, next to derelict houses creating more of an eye sore for this already run down street.

The Beechmount residents Collective contacted the Belfast city council regarding the damage to these gates and should be out soon to investigate and secure the gates, we have asked for them to be immediately repaired, these gates are very heavy and we would fear that a child could be seriously injured if climbing on them.