Sunday, 4 August 2013

Say NO to drugs, 'Legal highs' and solvent's.

Social problems, such as drug abuse destroy families and communities including physical and mental health and leave's many young people emotionally damaged, unprepared to learn and robbed of their full potential.

Our young people can easily fall victim to drugs and other substance, these menaces have done untold damage to communities across the 32 counties, The Beechmount community has been affected in the past and present with drugs and solvent abuse.

Rational and logical debates must be had in all our communities on tackling the drug and substance abuse epidemic which is destroying our homes and neighbourhoods.

We must educate our youth, educate each other not to indulge in drugs, there is no future in drugs, drugs destroy.

Say No to drugs, 'Legal highs' and solvent's.

and SAY NO! to the Drug Dealers within our communities!!

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