Wednesday, 29 May 2013

PR stunt uses children for a political agenda.

Children today in the Beechmount community where what can only be described as used in a PR stunt, that seen the British secretary of state for the occupied six counties Theresa Villiers visit St Pauls primary school.

Theresa Villiers represents and serves the interests of capitalism, the British state and the strengthening of the union, not the interest of the working class as her party (the conservative/tory party) in the past and present have attacked the working class, poor and most vulnerable. 

With crippling cuts to welfare, including the Bedroom Tax, Disabled Living Allowance and Incapacity Benefit and public sector that has and will continue to affect working class Communities such as the Beechmount community that she visited today.

The British secretary of state for the occupied six counties also implements the continued abuse of republican prisoners and internment of political hostages such as Marian Price two years interned from west Belfast who is still very ill and denied release and Martin Corey interned three years now from Lurgan, Co. Armagh.

Talking to a parent of a pupil of St. Paul’s primary school said that 'The Children Where told a special guest was to come today' questions must be asked were parents aware who was visiting the school? Or did Parents receive a letter saying who was visiting the school?

This PR stunt is a further act of the normalization of our local areas and we feel local children have been used, many would not of known who and what Theresa Villiers represents, schools should always be kept a neutral learning environment where a child can develop his or her potential and not be used for political agendas, we must keep schools free from all political influence.

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  1. It is despicable that Tory scum like Villiers were feted at St Pauls, a school whose catchment area suffers disproportionately from the impact of imperialism and the enforced poverty policies currently being aggressively imposed on working-class people by her party.

    The senior staff at St Pauls, few if any of them actually live in the area, should be more concerned with the offence they have caused to many parents by their actions in bringing this ultra-right wing supremo to be "entertained" by our children.