Friday, 15 November 2013

Keep your valuables safe during the festive season.

The FESTIVE season will be approaching us and many people have already started their Christmas shopping, buying gift’s for their family and friends.

We would urge people to keep valuables out of sight of thieves, whether it is in your car parked outside a shopping centre or at home.

We would urge motorists to remove all valuables when they leave their cars unattended and to take them with them. You don’t want a potential thief to glance in a window and see televisions, gaming devices, laptops, portable sound and sat-nav systems that can quickly be taken.

Social media:
As tempting as it may be to tell others that you are stocked up on Christmas presents or posting pictures of your expensive gifts, We would urge people to keep such information of social media. Thieves have been known to troll social media for potential easy targets.

Remember to double check that your windows, doors and vehicle's are locked, and to keep your valuables tucked away and hidden from view.

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