Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Footpath and kerb maintenance completed successfully

The Beechmount Residents Collective (B.R.C) is pleased to see that much needed work on the footpath is rectified, Back in October 2012 B.R.C was made aware of the hazards that faced users of St Paul’s disability centre concerning the footpath and kerbing at Islandbawn Street/Shiels Street.

The Collective contacted the DRD road service and after having held several successful meetings with the roads service it was agreed that improvements were urgently needed.

As a result on Tuesday (15th of January 2013) work commenced to replace the old footpath which had no kerbing and replaced it with a new path & kerb stones that will benefit members with in the disability group as access for wheelchair and those with walking difficulties will be made easier and reduce the risk of accidents at the entrance of the centre that previously had become a hazard.

We hope now that this work is completed it makes life easier for the users and the volunteers of the group to have easy access to the building & also on exiting & entering their buses.

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