Thursday, 18 October 2012

Misuse of Fireworks during the run up of Halloween.

The time has come again when kids and adults alike get ready for the Halloween celebrations from fancy dress, trick or treating and watching firework displays at organised events or home displays.

Fireworks can be fun, and are a part of the Halloween celebrations, though the celebrations can turn to tragedy as a result of serious burns or disfigurement if fireworks are misused.

Unfortunately, a small minority of anti-socials are using fireworks irresponsibly and causing a serious nuisance within the Beechmount community. Youths have been using fireworks as weapons to harass local shops and residents to possibly injure individuals.

We, the newly formed Beechmount Residents Collective, would urge businesses and individuals who sell fireworks to the youth of Beechmount, and beyond, to cease immediately before a child, or any other member of our community, ends up in a critical condition.

If any resident has any information on those who are selling fireworks to young people please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Beechmount residents collective (B.R.C) or email us on

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